Maui is an awesome kiteboarding destination, and each year more people make Maui their go to spot, whether escaping their winter or looking for the best most reliable winds in summer. With more new kiters arriving each day, we are constantly answering the same sorts of questions; Where is the best place to kite on Maui? and what are the local hazards?, and Are there any local rules to worry about?

So over the years we have developed a lot of pertinent information about kiteboarding on Maui, and we ask new kiters to check out a few webpages that explain a lot about the island, this will help them find the best kiting sessions quickly without getting into trouble.
Good Practice: Whenever kiting any new destination, it is always good to ask a local kiter these same questions, but it is best to first do a little homework and find out if there is any online information so that you can get up to speed before you arrive. Here are some more questions you should ask:
What are the windy months?
Where to stay close to the kite beaches?
What are the best spots?
What gear should I bring?

Here are a few links to information for new kiters coming to Maui, so that they can get up to speed quickly and make the most of their kiting sessions:
For Weather Info:
For Kite Beach:
For Kiteboarding Right of Way rules:
For a complete list of kiteboarding beaches:

One final suggestion; when kiting a new location for the first time, why not book a local instructor to act as your guide, and give you an “orientation and tune up session”, to ensure that you are in tune with the conditions and the local environment. Instructors can give you a lot of vital information, and can also give you and your gear a checkout and trouble shoot any problem areas. Or simply go for a tour with your instructor acting as your local guide and ride buddy.

Happy kiting,
David Dorn