Kiteboarder Progression


How long does it take to learn to Kiteboard?

Kiteboarding is a Technical sport: Kiteboarding is a technical sport, you need to master the kite before you can get onto the board. “KITE-BOARDING” as the name suggests is actually 2 sports combined; Kite-Flying and Board-riding. 

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IKO Training Path

IKO Training Path

IKO offers the most up-to-date kiteboarding training courses with level progression. IKO has established a training path from entry-level recreational courses to pro courses that offer a range of instructor certifications.

IKO courses are performance based kiteboard programs. At the introductory level, practical knowledge and safety skills are the foundations established. More advanced concepts, kiteboard tricks and instructor training come in later courses when a kiteboarder has progressed through the training path gaining the necessary practical knowledge and experience.

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IKO Training Path

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