Never hitch your kite to launch

Caution: Do not hitch your kite to launch.

Kite hitching is a dangerous technique and should not be attempted.
These types of techniques are dangerous for the general public.
Accidents have happened and these methods could easily result in serious injuries.Continue reading

Top Ten Safety Directives for Public Kiters

The International Kiteboarding Organization has released the “Top Ten Safety Directives for Public Kiters”.

This useful document includes knowing safety systems, using a kite leash, flyovers, position on board leashes, right of way rules and more.

“No kiter should take a kite without knowing how to ride safely. Every kiter from beginner to advanced should at least know these ten safety directives brought to you through the IKO”, explains David Dorn, IKO’s training director.Continue reading

5 signs of a good Kiteboarding Instructor

5 signs of a good Kiteboarding Instructor

When you decide to learn an extreme sport like kiteboarding, you have decided to take on a certain amount of risk. Extreme power from the kite combined with the high speeds over water makes it exciting but potentially harmful as well. So if you want to learn the right way it is vital that you find a professional instructor who will show you how to manage the equipment and conditions with maximum safety.Continue reading

5 warning signs of a bad Kiteboarding instructor

What are the 5 warning signs that you are not being taught by a Certified Kiteboarding instructor?

Some days it is hard to tell who is who at your kite spot. There are friends teaching friends, husbands teaching wives, girlfriends teaching boyfriends,. There are professional kiteboarding instructors, and then there are the unprofessional kiteboarding instructors. If you are going to pay for a lesson how do you know what you are getting for your money? What is the difference between a self appointed expert, and a instructor who has a recognized teaching qualification? And what are the warning signs you should look for?Continue reading

Kiteboarding Helmets Save Lives

If you have ever wondered if you should wear a helmet when kiteboarding read this. Wearing a helmet when kiteboarding could save your life. Dozens of people have related their stories to us over the years, and they have been certain but for the helmet they would have been seriously injured or even died.Continue reading

What is a gojo and why do I want one?

Many people who are learning to kiteboard will tell you, that it is sometimes difficult to keep track of their boards, and sometimes their boards are difficult to get back to after a wipeout. This experience is common to all newbie kiters, but eventually they get the skills to be able to body drag upwind back to their boards, and also hopefully fall off less.Continue reading