What is a gojo and why do I want one?

Many people who are learning to kiteboard will tell you, that it is sometimes difficult to keep track of their boards, and sometimes their boards are difficult to get back to after a wipeout. This experience is common to all newbie kiters, but eventually they get the skills to be able to body drag upwind back to their boards, and also hopefully fall off less.Continue reading

Assistant Kiteboarding Instructor Training

Start your career by becoming an IKO certified Assistant Kiteboarding Instructor. This is your first step to becoming a professional IKO Kiteboarder logo.instructor, and teaches you the basic skills that will allow you to start working in a kiteboarding school. The Three-day IKO AIC courses are available on demand so pre-registration is recommended. This IKO Course requires IKO Level “N3” skill levels or greater. The courses cover basic kiteboarding teaching techniques, school organization etc. Upon completion of the course, assistant instructors undergo a practical skills test and an Instruction test to obtain the Assistant Instructor Certification. This International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) certification is recognized in 38 Countries worldwide. For details of the different Instructor Courses go to our Kiteboarding Instructor Courses information Page.