Tipping Etiquette for Water-sports Instructors

Tipping Etiquette for Water-sports Instructors:
All water-sports instructors appreciate and accept tips. Tipping and gifting customs varies from country to country. Most cultures have some system that is similar or they simply pays a higher price up front for the service. Some people are unsure of the Tipping protocols especially when traveling to the US for the first time.  Here are some explanations of Tipping customs for water sports activities.Continue reading

ICG Maui Report

This year’s Instructor Training courses were a great success. We just finished the second and final event for this year. We were favored by the winds on the live training days and had ideal conditions to complete each part of the training.Continue reading

IKO Hosts European Examiners Gathering



IKO is pleased to announce that during the week of June 10-14, 2013 in Tarifa, Spain, IKO Examiners located throughout Europe convened together for the first time to participate in an unprecedented “Think Tank”. Extraordinary ideas were born, including many that will advance IKO services and already excellent training programs.Continue reading