New Kiteboarder Handbook

The IKO Kiteboarder Handbook goes hand in hand with your lessons from an IKO instructor. It follows the IKO Kiteboarder Program that your lessons are based on, and includes very important information on Equipment, Weather, Tides, Safety, Riding Techniques- as well as lots of other very useful information. At the end of each Section, there is a short test to make sure you have understood the information. You will use this as a way of checking your progression.Continue reading

The Buddy System by David Dorn

The Buddy System by David Dorn
Buddy up
Kiting is better with a buddy, when you share the experience it is more rewarding, and it is also safer. Your buddy can be a lifesaver, because he is watching out for you, knows when you are in trouble, and waits till you get back to shore safely.
On the water your buddy can get your board back to you or give you feedback about conditions and more. Off the water you can share stories and keep each other motivated.

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Fun with Powerkites

Each year tens of thousands of people participate in the world’s most popular kite sport “powerkiting”. Powerkiting, is a popular form of kiteflying that uses a steerable kite to perform tricks and stunts. Powerkiting is also a prelude to traction kite sports. Traction kite sports include; kitesurfing, kite buggying, kite sailing, and kite ATB (all terrain boarding). Traction sports refer to the kite providing the traction, or pulling power.Continue reading