Instructor Course Booking Procedure

 Instructor Course Booking Procedure

ITC Booking Procedures: Each ITC course is a special event. To see when courses are available you can check the IKO training calendar, or check the schedule of the individual IKO training center. Each ITC Course requires extensive preparation and organization. ITC courses are scheduled months in advance. The lead in time is used to prepare the course and the candidates. Many candidates will travel internationally or long distances to attend our courses, so their travel arrangements and schedules need to be set in advance.
Enrollment: To enroll in the course you should fill out the Application Form, and/or contact the organizer with your details email, phone number and dates. The organizer will send you the course requirements and information via email, or send you the links to the website info. The candidates should read the information thoroughly, and familiarize themselves with the details. Each candidate must meet the course’s *prerequisites before the commencement of the course.
Deposit: Candidates must pay their deposit before the course to make a reservation. Then pay the balance of the pre-course payment to make their confirmation into the course. Deposits are non-refundable unless the course is cancelled by the organizer.
Maximum number: There are a maximum number of candidates allowed for each course. If the course is overbooked, the organizer may create a standby list in case of any cancellations. If you are on the standby list for the course you should also have the pre-requisites, and the deposit paid.
Cancellation: ITC Courses need a minimum of 4-6 candidates to be run. If there are not enough candidates to run the course before the cut off date, the course will be cancelled.
Cut-off date: The cut off date for enrollment is usually 30 days before the course. Do not expect that last minute enrollments will be accepted. However this is up to the organizer.
Confirmation: Confirmation in the course is usually 30 days prior to the course. Then the organizer has the minimum number of paid qualified candidates. The second payment is required at the time of confirmation (usually 50% the course fee).
Travel to the Course: When booking travel arrangements you should be sure that your course has been confirmed at the cut-off date. If you need to make travel arrangements more than 30 days in advance of the course you should be sure that your tickets are refundable of transferable. Please note that many cheap tickets are not transferable and you could lose you money if you do not travel on your exact dates. Travel insurance may help in the event of cancellations or medical problems.

ITC Organizer.

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Maui Wind Report

Maui winds are a combination of prevailing winds, trades, konas and storms, combined with local wind effects caused by Maui’s geography. The wind on Maui will be very specific to different areas. The wind on one side of the island can be blowing in the opposite direction from the wind on the other side. Depending on the activity you have planned, you may be seeking out the windiest spot, or trying to shelter from the wind for a surf session or picnic. For safety reasons you should always be aware of: extreme weather, severe weather, and any marine warnings. Check the weather reports before going to the beach, so you will have a good idea what to expect when you get there.  On this page we have brought together most of the information that is useful to check the weather everyday. Continue reading

IKO – Kiteboarding in the USA

IKO USA Press release,
The International Kiteboarding Organization is best known as the world’s largest professional kiteboarding community.
IKO is also the biggest kiteboarding organization in the United States with 12 pro- centers (on water and snow), plus 3 US Examiners provide ITC Instructor training Courses, and hundreds of active American instructors are working here and traveling abroad.

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Medic First Aid and CPR training Course

Learning how to Save Lives!

Learning to save lives

This course is open to all adults. The 1-day Medic FirstAid / CPR Course (courses run up to 6 to 7hours) depending on schedule. This course includes Audiovisual presentations, live demonstrations, practical exercises, a written test and a Medic First Aid CPR Course.practical test. This course is essential for all instructor training courses, and watersportsmen. These skills can save a life. Card and Workbook provided.

Become an Instructor

Become an Instructor

Making kiteboarding into a career is possible with Instructor training and Certification courses. We offer Courses from IKO the world’s most respected training system. Instructors are trained and certified up to the international standards, and course graduates can work anywhere in the world. There are always jobs for kite instructors in this growing industry. Teaching kiteboarding is a fun a rewarding experience and a great way to improve your skills and knowledge. Teaching kiteboarding is also a great way to socialize and meet new people and there are many travel opportunities as well.

For more information:

Kiteboard Instructor Training Course – Gallery.

IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) Level One ITC Course.

Become an Instructor


Kiteboarding Vacations

Kiteboarding Vacations on Maui: Maui is one of the world’s premier kiteboarding destinations. People come to Maui to learn, and advanced kiters come to play in the warm water, and strong tradewinds.Continue reading

IKO Kiteboarder Cards

The International Kiteboarding Organization issues IKO Kiteboarder Cards to all graduates of their kiteboarding programs. IKO Kiteboarder Cards are the Kiteboarder’s Driver’s license for kiteboarding. IKO Cards are a proof of your Kiteboarding Ability and are great for proving your level of proficiency whenever you travel. IKO cards are required to kite in many restricted areas. And IKO Cards are required to rent equipment in most places. Whenever you get a lesson from an IKO certified Instructor, you will ALWAYS get a card.

Whenever you get a kiteboarding lesson or checkout ride, Insist on using an IKO instructor who can issue you the card. Insist on having an IKO certified instructor because only an IKO certified Instructor can issue you with one of these cards. Otherwise you are wasting your time and money. IKO Cards are recognized everywhere in the kiteboarding world.

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Kite Beach T-shirts

Kite Beach T-shirts

Brought to you by Action Sports Maui Logo Wear

Now you can look like a pro-kiteboarder with one of our Action Sports Maui – Kite Beach T-shirts.

They are 100% cotton made in the USA Hanes Beefy Tees.

And these Kite Beach T-shirts will take just about any abuse you can dish out. (Except possibly Ketchup and mustard, Epoxy resin, Maui red dirt, and Overheating in Clothes dryers). If in doubt, ask your mum to wash it for you.

Kite Beach T-shirts

Flying the flag for IKO

Flying the flag for IKO

It has been fifteen years since Action Sports Maui started Flying the flag for IKO.  The IKO is the International Kiteboarding Organization and is famous around the world.

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