Early Bird Kiteboarding Specials 2 hrs(Day 1)

Early Bird Kiteboarding   Specials  2 hrs (Day 1) $99.00

Unbeatable Lowest Prices on Kite Beach Maui

Take advantage of this special offer and exceptional discount.
You save up to 50% off regular priced lessons.

Recommended for:  Beginners, or as a refresher course if it’s been awhile between lessons, available only from 9am to 11am Monday to Friday.

Are you a little nervous about kiteboarding ? Not sure?

Then this is the class for you!

We start early, 9 am., so we can have the whole beach practically to ourselves.

This is a beach only class; we will not even be going into the water on this first, explore kiting & first piloting course.

You will learn to fly our 2 meter trainer kite; you will learn the proper techniques to keep the kite under YOUR CONTROL (instead of the other way around). When you feel thoroughly comfortable with the trainer kite we will move on to flying the larger inflatable kite on the beach. Your instructor will be with you at all times. This class is all about fun and safety. You will learn how to pilot the kite, the right techniques to keep yourself safe at all times and will gain the confidence required to move on to the next level! After this class you can decide if you want to continue with more lessons and the price of this lesson can be applied to one of our great packages!

First piloting on the trainer kite - Kitebeach Maui
First piloting on the trainer kite – Kitebeach Maui