Slingshot Silencer Foil – Used


Slingshot Silencer Foil

Check out this pre-owned Demo Slingshot Silencer Hydrofoil!  Constructed completely of carbon fiber, this foil weighs next to nothing and will take your foiling to the next level.  With a few cosmetic blemishes, this foil is priced to sell. Don’t miss out on this killer deal!


The only foil you will ever need. Featuring all-carbon construction, the Silencer is stiff, strong and incredibly light.
  • Mast and fuselage height: 102cm
  • Depth of foil, mast, and wings: 108 cm
  • Combined total weight: 2.5kg
Slingshot’s Description
The only foil you will never outgrow: Featuring all-carbon construction, the Silencer is stiff, strong and incredibly light. The result is instant feedback to the rider, with no noise or interference caused by vibration, high speeds or choppy conditions. With a balance of early takeoff, stability and smooth handling, along with precision maneuverability, aggressive edging and an incredibly fast top end, the Silencer is a foil you’ll grow into but will never outgrow. A lighter, more buoyant foil allows for a smaller, less buoyant board: In addition to its superior handling and performance, the Silencer’s ultra-lightweight construction makes it almost neutrally buoyant. Not only does this make maneuvering your board and getting it into position much easier, it also opens up a wide range of possibilities for the size, shape and buoyancy of board needed for foiling. The Silencer is perfect for minimalist boards and skate style decks, for example.The silencer is made proudly in the USA: With world’s greatest testing grounds and the kiteboarding mecca and the of the Columbia River Gorge in its front yard, LP Composites has refined their processes over the last 20 years and is now one of the industry’s premier carbon composite manufacturers. Each Silencer is hand built in a small facility, allowing for the intimate attention to quality and detail that Logosz and the Slingshot brand demands.