Naish Hover 130 cm board (Demo), with complete Thrust kite foil setup. Free Shipping.


Naish Hover 130cm Foilboard (demo)

Great condition 2018 Naish Hover 130 cm board (demo board used less than 5x)

with complete Thrust kite foil setup.

Now only $795.00.

Manufacturer’s Description:  The Hover 130 foil board is the perfect way to take your foiling to the next level. A flat midsection with rounded edges delivers early and forgiving planing to assist with launching. The nose section—transferring into a V-bottom and pulled-up nose—reduces the potential to pearl when touching down. For those more experienced, the Hover 130 takes it to the next level offering increased stiffness, better board feedback, reduced pearling and early-planing. Crafted from aircraft grade aluminium 6061, the Hover mast and fuselage are durable, lightweight and corrosion resistant. Offered with the 90 cm mast, it features a low-aspect main wing for quick planing, excellent stability and smooth take-offs. Get a taste of kiting zen with the smooth-gliding Hover collection.

Assembly Tip: The Hover Kite 130 foilboards have a shallower track system and therefore require the shorter screws as supplied with the board. These boards CANNOT be used with the longer screws that come with the Naish Thrust foil.  When pairing all other Naish Hover Foilboards with your Naish Foil, use the screws supplied with the foil. 

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