Naish Boxer Kiteboarding Kite 4m

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Naish Boxer Kiteboarding Kite 4m 2019 – used

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Naish Boxer Kiteboarding Kite 4m 2019 – used

This item: This kite has been used a few times, and is very good condition. fabric crispy, shiny, solid, and clean. No leaks, and no repairs. Comes as kite only in bag, suits most all 4-line bars.

Description: Construction wise and the Boxer is built from Naish’s Quad-Tex 4x reinforced ripstop, and it has the Shark Teeth trailing edge to reduce flutter and wear. Connecting the strut to the canopy, there is a wedge of material that gives the canopy the freedom to expand and contract which is geared towards ensuring smooth performance in gustier conditions. Rigging the kite up and – as with all Naish kites – you know that they have done the hard work and you can just rig up and are ready to fly a perfectly tuned kite.

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