Photograph Your Action Kiteboarding Experience


Capture the Action of your kiting experience on Maui. Our Action photographers will photograph your kiteboarding experience in Hawaii! We provide a range of services to help you “Capture the Action!”

Your photos will create great memories for any intermediate or advanced kiter who is riding upwind. Our photographer will capture your kite session on Maui while shooting with the DSLR Telephoto Camera from land.
What’s included?

HiRes Digital Photos of you: examples, setting up your gear, kite launching, riding in the “pro pool”, jumping, landing, beach lifestyle shots.

How do I get my Photos?

You will receive an email and passcode to unlock your image file containing your photos for personal use.



Price $100.00 per person

$55.00 for each additional person

*Add GoPro Camera rental $50.00

*Add Ion POV Action Videocam $50.00

*This price is for upwind riders

*Photos for beginner lessons are $175.00/psn each additional person is $100.00

*Photos are intended for personal use only. Ask about our rates for professional and commercial use photos.

*Photo quality will vary according to light conditions, weather, and rider skill level.

GoPro Camera Rental

Waterproof POV Cameras are the best way to capture the action on the water. They move with you, and they stay right where you need them. Rent a Digital POV camera for your session and Capture the Action.

*Add Gopro or Ion POV Action Videocam rental $50.00/session