Learn to ride a Directional kiteboard

Directional Boards are surfboard style boards made for kiteboarding. Directional boards are hugely popular in Hawaii, Australia, Europe and the rest of the world. Directionals are not just for the waves, they are also being used on lakes and rivers too. The Surfing Style adds a new dimension to the sport, and they create unlimited opportunities and possibilities. Directional boards are fun in light winds, and open the doors to waves with a real surfing feel. Directional Boards aka Surfboards, can either be ridden with footstraps, or “strapless”.

Most board companies make a range of directional boards, these vary by size, larger for beginners and bigger riders, and smaller for the advanced and lighter riders. Boards are also tuned to speed, or turning too. A board built for kiteboarding will be much stronger than a regular surfboard. A directional kiteboard is reinforced under the foot-straps, to protect it from hard landings and heel dents, But you should never land a board flat or you may break it. Good technique will ensure a longer board life. Some people do use regular (polyester/urethane) surfboards, but they have to take care not to break them.

Learning to ride a Directional: it is best to learn in flat water to get starting, and turning down, it is better to acquire these skills before venturing into the waves. Once you have a solid basic technique you can start to learn, flat-water tricks, jumps etc, or do some wave riding, also go out with and experienced instructor you first time out in the waves and chose your conditions wisely. On rivers you may be able to ride endless swells and standing waves, on the ocean you should try unbroken swell and green waves first, before taking on the whitewater. Never use a board leash when you are learning, they are extremely dangerous.

There are unique skills for riding the directional, boards that can be learned in our specialty training sessions. Directional Riding Lessons: We offer lessons in: “Directional board riding 101, Riding Strapless, Turning and jibing the directional, and Riding waves with the directional, as well as jumping and freestyle. Our lessons provide the best and fastest way to learn, including, theory, tips, and safety steps. We show you the correct methods that will prevent many avoidable accidents, and make your Directional board riding experience more enjoyable.

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