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LEARN WITH US: Action Kiteboarding has been teaching the sport of kiteboarding since the beginning. We have tons of experience teaching all kinds of people to kiteboard. We love to teach and make the learning process fun. We started as a Kiteboard school and that is our main focus, teaching people to Kiteboard. Learning is getting easier every year, with better equipment and improved instruction methods. Go to our Beginner Kiteboarding Lessons page

Kiteboarding lessons are fun way to discover the sport.LEARN TO KITE: Kiteboarding is a fast and fun water-sport. And the gear is easy to set up and transport. And all it uses is the power of the wind. You can kiteboard almost anywhere; on lakes, rivers, dams, reservoirs, beaches, and even on the snow. There are kiteboarding destinations all over the country and around the world. Once you have mastered the basics you can explore many fun and exciting locations. Learning is fun and you can take lessons from one of our Certified Instructors, then afterward you can continue learning with our accredited School Network in over 40 countries.

LEARNING IS FUN: We make the learning process fun. From the very first time you feel the wind in your hands you will feel the excitement and the power. Every step is an easy progression, and the instructor stays with you every step of the way. Trainer kites and Ground School are followed by body-dragging in the water to learn the kite handling, then we add the board and the waterstart. In a few sessions (avg 3-5) you will be up an riding both directions and feeling the speed of the board flying across the water.

Carry your kiteboarding gear in a "golf bag".SMALL AND LIGHT: Kites fold up small and the boards are small and light like a snowboard/wakeboard. All the gear packs down and is light enough to take with you whenever you travel on vacation. All the gear can pack into a “golf bag” the size of a set of golf clubs. And you don’t even need to put a roof rack on your car, because it all fits neatly in the trunk.
TRY KITEBOARDING: Many people just want to get a first taste, and try kiteboarding to see if they like it. So we have created the “Discover Kiteboarding” lesson which is a great way to get an overview of the sport. This way you get to try the different aspects of kiting without the repetition of a longer course. Like a “buffet” you can try a little bit of different skills that you will be learning in a longer course. Everyone should try kiting at least once to see if they like it. Click here to learn more about our Discover Kiteboarding lessons.
HOW YOU LEARN? We teach 99% of our lessons as private 1 to 1 lessons, so your very own instructor is right there with you side by side. Giving advice, supervision and feedback. When in the water we can be right with you, or close at hand spotting you and caddying for you. As you progress we give you the *option of having a 2-way Radio Helmet during your kiteboarding lessons so you can get real-time instruction and vital feedback. With the *Radio helmets you never feel alone. As you progress a little farther, and start to stay upwind, your instructor rides alongside you guiding you and giving instructions from the water. These progressive teaching steps are proven to be the best and most effective way to teach, for the student’s optimal learning progress.
LEARN BY DOING: Our method is designed to give you the maximum hands-on experience because people learn by doing the Action. We do not just talk about it, we gTrainer Kite Kiteboarding Lessonset you hands-on actually trying it. We use a series of straight-forward exercises to teach you the skills. Learning Muscle-memory and receiving clear explanations are key to hands-on learning. We give you feedback and correction when needed so that you will spend more time doing it correctly and less time struggling. No-one can explain the feeling of kiteboarding, you have to try it for yourself, that is called “proprioceptive” learning, or developing the feel for the position, action, using spatial sensory perception (learning by doing). No book, video, or verbal explanation alone can beat that. Our instructors are Trained&Certified to use the best instructional techniques to help you learn and remember faster. 


WHAT IS A TRAINER KITE? A trainer Kite is a smaller easier kite to fly. This functions as a Simulator. We fly on the beach to learn the basics of steering. Trainer Kites are fun and not scary at all. The trainer kite session lasts about 40-45 minutes and you will learn about the wind, and steering, and the power zones, and how to fly with the harness and how to fly one-handed.

Body-drag exercise during the Discover kiteboarding lessons.WHAT IS A BODY DRAG? A body drag doesn’t sound like much fun, but it really is. After the ground school and the trainer kite, we get into the water and fly the kite without the board. This is where you will learn the vital skills for handling a kite on the water. In this session we let the kite pull us through the water, like we are body-surfing. The kite does all the work, and we can learn to steer, and relaunch the kite after it crashes in the water. With the body drag we can focus on learning kite skills and not worry about the board skills (just yet). Body drag skills are important for any kiteboarder because you need to know how to do this when you lose your board later on. With this skill, you can body-drag back upwind to your board to recover it (aka Board recovery) which is an essential skill. With the proper training, it is surprising how easy it can be and how much control you will have.


POWER CONTROL: The kite we fly have variable power. We show you how to fly with just enough power to get the job done. You control the power, have a little or have a lot, the power depends on the bar position just like a sailing boat adjusts its sails. We start by selecting a kite the right size for the student. Small people get smaller kites, and big people get bigger kites. Also on a windy day we will us a smaller kite than a light wind day. Don’t worry because your instructor always helps you choose the right size kite so that you are not overpowered. Also even if there is too much power, you can stop at any time. We show you how to depower the kite, and how to kill the power in the kite, so the you have the ultimate control.

Learn the waterstart during your kiteboarding lessonsWHAT IS A WATERSTART? A waterstart is how you get onto the board in the water. Just like a water skier gets up on a water-ski, or wakeboard, is almost the same as a kiteboarder getting onto the kiteboard. This is where the kite control you learned come into play. If you have good kite control, getting up is easy. if you have bad kite control getting up is harder. because you supply the power and steering needed to get up on the board. People with a boarding background have a slight advantage at this stage, the board skills cross over from wakeboard, and snowboard, but the “kite is king”. We say that the kite skills are about 80% of kiteboarding, board skills are about 20%. Even if kiteboarding is your first board-sport, you will develop a smooth “feel” for the kite and you will get to the water-start in just a few tries.


HOW MANY LESSONS? Everyone learns at a different speed. It depends on your comfort level in the water, and maybe some crossover skills from other sports. You learn the most technical stuff on the first day, safety systems, setup, the wind, kite steering, and the next phase is kite relaunching, body dragging, and board dragging, and after that comes waterstarting. After these first few kiteboarding lessons (totaling 6-9 hours) you could be riding on the board a little each way and know the starts, stops, launching, landing, and the technical side of setting up the gear. After training sessions of about 15-20 hours total you will be a basic level rider, and be staying upwind and cruising and making turns. For more info on the Kiteboarder Progression click here.

IS IT SAFE? Kiting can be relatively safety if you learn from a professional instructor. You do not want to go cheap on your kite lessons, because it compromises safety. A professional *IKO Certified kiteboarding instructor is worth every cent because he teaches you how to protect yourself from the potential risks. You will spend less time struggling and learn more every session. Your instructor creates a safety net and ensures the ideal learning environment.
ACCREDITATION: The IKO International Kiteboarding Organization, is the worlds most respected kiteboarding training & certification organization represented in over 40 countries, The IKO has a worldwide network of affiliated kiteboarding schools. Action Sports Kiteboarding School is a fully accredited and affiliated IKO Training Center (#372). Every Action Sports Kiteboarding Instructor is fully Trained and Certified by the IKO, and is also certified in First-Aid and CPR. (Beware of untrained imitators).

LESSONS & COURSES: We offer individual kiteboardinglessons, and longer course packages. Do a Refresher Lesson and stay updated on the latest techniques and gear. We offer private and shared-lesson formats. Click on the red “Book Online” buttons to see all of the options including prices and available dates. From there you can browse all the available options or reserve a session. or Call Us to discuss your needs and we can help you choose the lesson that is right for you. Click here to learn more about our Discover Kiteboarding lesson.

ADVANCED LESSONS & COURSES: We offer follow-on training, and advanced lessons and courses for all levels of kiteboarder. There is always more you can learn, and many exciting things to try. Private Kiteboarding Lessons can be tailored to any rider to fit any experience level. and specialty courses help you keep your kiteboarding progressing and evolving.

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