Instructor Manual v5.1, English Version NOW Available

You Asked. We Delivered!

***Available FREE Online***

The revised Instructor Training Manual v5.1 is so rich that even experienced kiting instructors will learn something new. All the years of hands-on experience, as well as learned tips and techniques, are gathered together from examiners and… made available in this version.

Also, much of the content from the original IKO manual has been restored.

Unlike its predecessors, version 5.1 is an eBook endowed with all functionality of searching topics, flipping pages, and zooming. All 222-pages are in full-color, filled with illustrations, diagrams, pictures, and include a detailed lesson plan. It maps out, illustrates and provides everything from daily activities, equipment safety, risk assessments, boat skills, exams, evaluation charts, wind window illustrations, a visual of internal communication signs, and much more new material not previously available. It makes you teach better and is simple!

This is a kiteboard instructor’s Bible, an essential weekly read in order to keep up-to-date with techniques and safety skills current. Best of all, it is available FREE online, and accessible where an Internet connection exists. This version supersedes all older ones and contains important updates for IKO instructors.

IKO has translated this version into French and Spanish.

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