This year’s Instructor Training courses were a great success. We just finished the second and final event for this year. We were favored by the winds on the live training days and had ideal conditions to complete each part of the training.

The IEC instructor candidate gathering is a two week long event that includes a combination of course work, and local experience in Maui conditions.

People from as far away as Amsterdam Netherlands, Ukraine Russia, Switzerland, and an East Coast USA contingent came together for the event. Each participant had their own personal goal for coming to this training event; to help their career, or to expand their knowledge, be a safer kiter, get a internationally recognized certification, and more.

Through the course of this event each participate expanded their skills and knowledge to help them become safer and effective kiteboarding instructors. The minimum requirement to enter the training is to be a confident kiteboarder with riding experience, and pas the prerequisite ride and skills test. The entrants came from a variety of backgrounds including a; Pro surfer, Medical doctor, Professional lifeguard, College student, and experienced kiteboard instructor. The event gave each candidate the chance to learn about Maui conditions. Our weather threw up some interesting challenges with some light winds, and big kite days, some huge wave days an some strong wind conditions as well. The participants got to experience a huge range of conditions, much more than is typical for such a relatively short period of time. Participants had the opportunity to intern at the school, and start their assistant training and get some experience working alongside the veteran instructors. The event also included cross/training with the Lifeguards on rescue techniques, and an intense teacher training course, both theoretical and practical. Thanks to the trainers, volunteers, and the organizers, community, and staff of Action Sports for putting together this event.


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