Footstraps vs. Strapless Kitefoilboarding

A lot of people ask us what is the best foot strap setup for learning to kitefoilboard. We say it is a matter of personal preference. if you are already riding your directional surfboard strapless, then it makes sense to start riding the kitefoilboard strapless. If you are already riding a directional surfboard with footstraps, then it follows that you are likely going to be more comfortable with footstraps on the kitefoilboard. So what are the pros and cons? Well there are two schools of thought on this. First the strapless argument is having no straps means that when you wipeout you can get away from the board easily and not risk hurting your ankles, And the argument for foot-straps is having straps gives you more control, so you are going to wipeout less often, and have less problems. There is a third option as well, as a compromise, some people are putting just one footstrap on the front, and having the back foot free to move around. This is good while learning to ride the foil, because you can start with your foot slightly further forward which helps to keep the board down. having one strap gives you some security while having a free back foot gives you some flexibility in your stance. The choice is up to you.