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Kite Foilboard Lessons: Foilboarding, kitefoiling, foiling, hydrofoiling, are different names for one of the fastest growing segments of the sport of kiteboarding. Foilboards are a new paradigm that opens up a future full of new possibilities. Racing, Lightwind, Waves, Freestyle and more. Different Foilboarding ride-styles have emerged emerging with specialized gear and specific techniques.


Why are foilboards becoming so popular? kite foilboards, are super efficient and can go in much lighter winds than conventional equipment. This means that kiteboarding is more accessible for people living in light wind areas. It also means that people can kite more often, and when their schedule allows. A kite foilboard points much higher into the wind (like a raceboard), and is great for people racing around an upwind-downwind course. Foils are being raced on local and national levels, and even have a world racing series. Foils may even be the next kiteboard to be selected for Olympic competition. Foils are not just for going fast. Foilboards are also being used for freeriding, freestyle and waves.

Foilboarding Lessons: We now offer introductory and advanced Kite-foilboarding Lessons on Maui. Each Kiteboard Private Training lesson is taught according to the student’s needs. Kitefoilboarding can be very difficult and time-consuming to master on your own. Our lessons provide the best way to learn, including, theory, tips, and safety steps. We show you the correct methods that will prevent many avoidable accidents, and make your kite foilboarding experience more enjoyable.

Advanced Kite Foilboarding Lessons: master instructor David Dorn offers specialty advanced training in Kitefoilboarding. Contact Suzie or David to put together a custom program to help you reach your goals. Classes range from 2 hour ride-along and tune-up sessions, up to week-long progressive training courses.

Foilboarding Lessons & Courses:

Private Lessons $130.00 (per hour, 2 hour minimum)

Private Lessons with David Dorn (full-day, 5hrs) $650.00

Hydrofoil 3-day Course (6 hours total) $780.00 (plus tax)

Hydrofoil 5-day Course (10 hours total) $1250.00 (plus tax)

*Upgrade any session to 4-way Radio Lesson +$30/session.






The Foilboard 3day course takes 6 hrs divided into 3 lessons:

  • Setup the foil board and make adjustments
  • Safety steps for foiling
  • Core skills of Foiling
  • Launching with the foilboard
  • Board handling in the water
  • Put board on your feet
  • Controlling the lift
  • Ride above the water on the foil
  • Body drag with the foil board
  • Water Start
  • Riding Upwind
  • Change Direction
  • Self Rescue

Foilboard Course +$780.00 (plus tax)

The Foilboard 5day course takes 10 hrs divided into 5 lessons:

Depending on your starting point we can cover all of the core skills above, and progress to more advanced skills.

  • Basic Transitions
  • Heelside Turns
  • Toeside Turns
  • Toeside Riding
  • Intro to Waves
  • Sailing Tactics
  • Speed Control
  • Theoretical Knowledge
  • Safety is always covered
  • Special Kite Skills
  • Technique Correction
Foilboard Rental Rates:

Beginner Foil (half day) +$75.00

Advanced Foil +$100.00

*Currently foil-board rentals are only available to Students in their lessons, Advanced Foilers, or Graduates of our lesson program (subject to approval). *Due to safety concerns we do not allow people to rent foils who are teaching themselves.

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