Dave talks about Kitefoilboarding

kitex-dave-talks-about-kitefoilboarding from David Dorn on Vimeo.

Hello my name is David Dorn and I’ve been asked to say a few words about foil kiteboarding.

So what is foil kiteboarding? Well, foilkiteboarding is one form of kiteboarding where you are using a hydrofoil on the bottom of your kiteboard. Now, I’ve got one beside me here. So, basically your hydrofoil looks like a little airplane. This is the surface that is cutting thru the water and giving you your lift. So at low speeds you are actually riding the board in the traditional way and once you get a little bit of speed you  are flying on this wing. And why is that good? Well, flying on the wing is good for a couple of reasons. One, it is a lot smaller than the rest of the board so there is a lot less friction so it goes faster. It lifts the rest of the board out of the water and gives you a lot of leverage so it actually goes upwind really well and it is a lot of fun to ride. Your not riding the surface of the water anymore so that is the fundamental difference you are riding thru the medium of water and your not interacting with the surface which is very rough. The traditional twin tip boards or directionals, they slap along the chop on the surface of the water. The foil board is gonna cut thru the water underneath that. It’s a lot smoother ride, its faster, it goes up wind better. So the advantages are people who wanna go in light wind. Foilboards are really great in light wind. And, they can go in much lighter wind than traditional equipment and have less friction. They are also really good for racing because they go upwind so well. They’re actually starting to replace traditional kiteboarding course boards in a lot of places. And, your looking at more and more people getting into foilboarding it extends their range. It makes light wind kiteboarding more fun. it’s a nice fun way to compete against other foilboarders so it is definitely something worth checking out and it’s a lot of fun.