Kiteboarding 4 Kids

The kids program is designed to be fun and teach the kids the basic kite flying skills. sharing these skills with young kids helps prepare them of wind powered sports as they grow, and master the necessary skills. Kids aged from 5-9years: Kids are special, and they are fast learners. We have lots of experience teaching kite flying to young children. We have special Clinics, and activities, and mixed family sessions. Our instructors have specialty training to prepare them for our kids program.Continue reading


WOMEN’S KITEBOARDING CLINIC with Kristin Boese. This is part of her KB4Girls world Tour. Come and join our exclusive three-day event,
TBA – October 2010
You are invited to attend our exclusive Women’s only Kiteboarding Clinic with 9x World Kiteboarding Champion Kristin Boese. The clinic is open to all women kiters that are (IKO L3#) upwind riders with their own gear. Register at Kite Club Maui or call Action Sports Maui. Reservations are essential because numbers are limited. The Clinic begins at 11am till 5:00pm each day, We cover all skill levels of riding from cruising, basic jumping, boosting, wake-style, and spins. If you are from out of town and need assistance with accommodation for the event, send an email. Numbers are limited so book early to make your reservation.

CPR & First Aid Courses

Medic First Aid and CPR Course: Current Adult CPR & First Aid Courses are available now. Certification course: (These courses are usually scheduled to precede the ITC & IEC courses). This course is open to all adults. The 1-day Medic First Aid / CPR Course (courses run up to 6 to 7hours) depending on scheduling and breaks. This course includes Audiovisual presentations, live demonstrations, practical exercises, a written test and a Medic First Aid CPR Course.practical test. This course is essential for all instructor training courses, and water-sportsmen. These skills can save a life. Adult First Aid & CPR techniques are covered in this 1-Day course.

How long does the course take? 1 day (up to 6.5 hours including breaks, depending on class size).

Evaluation: after completing a multiple choice questionnaire and demonstrating your skill according to your reactions to a simulated situation, you will receive the IKO/MFA certificate of recognition, the MFA basic manual and a first aid provider card.

CPR & First Aid Courses: MEDIC FIRST AID Basic CPR and First Aid for Adults is a CPR and first aid training program designed specifically for the occupational first aid provider. This extremely flexible program will help employers meet OSHA and other federal and state regulatory requirements for training employees how to respond and care for medical emergencies at work.

For more information go to Medic CPR & First Aid Courses Page.

Assistant Kiteboarding Instructor Training

Start your career by becoming an IKO certified Assistant Kiteboarding Instructor. This is your first step to becoming a professional IKO Kiteboarder logo.instructor, and teaches you the basic skills that will allow you to start working in a kiteboarding school. The Three-day IKO AIC courses are available on demand so pre-registration is recommended. This IKO Course requires IKO Level “N3” skill levels or greater. The courses cover basic kiteboarding teaching techniques, school organization etc. Upon completion of the course, assistant instructors undergo a practical skills test and an Instruction test to obtain the Assistant Instructor Certification. This International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) certification is recognized in 38 Countries worldwide. For details of the different Instructor Courses go to our Kiteboarding Instructor Courses information Page.