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The perfect Gift is sharing the sports we love. Give your loved ones the gift that keeps on giving, the stoke for a new sport. We have Gift certificates available for Xmas and Birthdays or any occasion. Gift certificates Available for any; Surf, Wind, or Kite session, or Gear rental. Just call us or email, or Purchase Gift Certificates Online.gift-cert-xmas-kiteboard-actionsports-thumbnail

Report Lost Equipment to Coastguard

Report Lost Equipment to Coastguard:

When you abandon a kite or board at sea, the authorities might think you are in trouble and start an expensive search and rescue operation, to look for you. If you have to abandon any water craft or equipment in the ocean, report it to the authorities.

Also it is always a good policy to write your name and phone number on all equipment. So that people can call you to confirm they found the gear, and that you are at home safe.

Writing your name on your gear can save your life, because when you are really in trouble, the search can be more successful if they know who they are looking for.

Vessel identification stickers are used to locate the owners of small crafts, such as kayaks, canoes and rowboats, when the vessels get lost or loose from their moorings. An owner should use a water-resistant grease pen to write his or her contact information on the sticker and adhere it to the side of the vessel. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Matthew Masaschi.
Vessel identification stickers are used to locate the owners of small crafts, such as kayaks, canoes and rowboats, when the vessels get lost or loose from their moorings. An owner should use a water-resistant grease pen to write his or her contact information on the sticker and adhere it to the side of the vessel. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Matthew Masaschi.

Wasted unnecessary searches cost taxpayers 10’s of thousands of dollars.
And while rescuers are following false leads, they might be diverted from looking for someone who is in real trouble.

Please report lost equipment, and
write your name and number on all your gear.


P.S. The Coast Guard Office has Stickers that can stick to any smooth surface.

Use a waterproof marker and rewrite the number when it starts to fade.

Protecting Coastal Plants within Beach Parks

Protecting Coastal Plants within Beach Parks

Coastal plants are an important functional and biological resource that is vital to our natural environment. Coastal vegetation and plant life on state lands and within beach parks are recognized and protected by county and state law. Dunes are sensitive areas that protect the beaches and ocean conditions. Care should be taken when crossing dunes and using dune areas to maintain the integrity of the dune structure and respecting the vegetation.

The role of coastal plants:
Protecting Coastal Plants within Beach ParksPlants are important because they provide dune stabilization, soil stabilization, as well as forming a vital part of the ecosystem, and biodiversity of the island fauna. Plants are also refuge to native insect species and provide corridors for beneficial insect life. Individual plants and areas of coastal vegetation are a repository of biological diversity that are a future supply of key elements such as seeds and other unique genetic materials. Beach plants also hold together soil and prevent dirt from reaching the ocean and harming marine species like coral etc. Plants have a important function in both their utility and their unique biology.

Plants are protected:
Within the parks and on state lands all plants are protected by law. It is a felony misdemeanor to harm plants or remove plants in a park. In parks all plants are maintained exclusively by the parks dept.

Tree trimming:
Tree trimming is the sole responsibility of the parks department. No individual may trim cut or mutilate a tree or plant without express permission of the department. Private individuals can make a request to the parks dept to come and trim specific trees.

Volunteer groups, community work day:
There are also several volunteer organizations that have specific permission to do clean up within the parks and on beaches. Community Work Day aka “Malama Maui Nui” handles community clean ups to remove trash, from streams, beaches and similar areas. Private individuals wishing to help can contact CWD.

Trash clean ups are not the same as cutting trees:
When trash clean ups occur they are supervised and coordinated efforts conducted with the permission of the local authorities. Trash is collected and then arranged to be picked up from specific locations etc.

Weed control and invasive species:
Weed control and invasive species is a function of different groups in conjunction with the local authorities. These tasks are done by qualified persons with the relevant experience and specialty knowledge, who coordinate and supervise the removal of only the specific harmful species, and only in a manner that will not harm the native species.
The highest priority is placed on preserving the endemic plant species, many of which are rare or endangered. If a private individual wished to be involved in weed control efforts, they should talk to Mike Perry, or contact Jan Dapitan at CWD.

Reporting Violations:
Preserving our natural resources is a community responsibility. If you see any individuals driving on sand dunes, cutting or damaging trees, or removing sand/soil/rocks/wood contact Parks department, Park rangers, or Hawaii Division of Conservation and Resource Enforcement (DOCARE) and also known as the Hawaii DLNR Police.

Contact Numbers:
Maui County Parks Department: (808) 270-7230
DLNR dept of land and natural Resources: (808) 587-0400
DLNR Enforcement: 643-DLNR
Community Work Day CWD (Malama Maui Nui): (808) 877-2524

Protecting Coastal Plants within Beach Parks
Photo: Caring for native coastal plants on Maui

10 Tips For Kiting at Kitebeach Maui

10 Tips For kiting at Kitebeach Maui

Aloha and Welcome to Kite Beach Maui, This beach is famous around the world as a key kiteboarding destination for good reasons. Firstly it has lots of wind thanks to the island geography. And Second because it has warm water year round. Kite beach offers a range of conditions in different areas so you should get to know the different areas so you can find the best place for your ride level and ride style.Continue reading

Tipping Etiquette for Water-sports Instructors

Tipping Etiquette for Water-sports Instructors:
All water-sports instructors appreciate and accept tips. Tipping and gifting customs varies from country to country. Most cultures have some system that is similar or they simply pays a higher price up front for the service. Some people are unsure of the Tipping protocols especially when traveling to the US for the first time.  Here are some explanations of Tipping customs for water sports activities.Continue reading

5 warning signs of a bad Kiteboarding instructor

What are the 5 warning signs that you are not being taught by a Certified Kiteboarding instructor?

Some days it is hard to tell who is who at your kite spot. There are friends teaching friends, husbands teaching wives, girlfriends teaching boyfriends,. There are professional kiteboarding instructors, and then there are the unprofessional kiteboarding instructors. If you are going to pay for a lesson how do you know what you are getting for your money? What is the difference between a self appointed expert, and a instructor who has a recognized teaching qualification? And what are the warning signs you should look for?Continue reading

Protecting Plants and Trees at Kanaha Beach

As watermen and waterwomen in Hawaii we get the privilege to access the ocean through county and state beach parks and across coastal beaches and dune areas. Our coastal areas and especially dunes are fragile and must be protected from harm. There are many plant species that have a beneficial effect in stabilizing the dunes, and retaining sands so that they can resist ocean action and help prevent erosion. Healthy dune systems help slow the rate of shoreline retreat. On average the shoreline on Maui retreats shoreward at the rate of one foot per year. Human activity can damage shoreline plants and dunes and increase erosion rates. This can lead to accelerated shoreline retreat. In short this means that if we don’t protect the shoreline plants we will lose our beaches.Continue reading

Kiteboarding Vacations

Kiteboarding Vacations on Maui: Maui is one of the world’s premier kiteboarding destinations. People come to Maui to learn, and advanced kiters come to play in the warm water, and strong tradewinds.Continue reading