Van Shower

Nothing beats having a fresh water rinse after a salt water session. I recently added a new shower to my van, and it is great, It is also cheap and easy to set up. We looked at the different systems available, and have been experimenting with heavy duty water pumps for years in our school vans, and this is the best solution we have found for personal use. All you need is a 12 volt shower/pump, that plugs into a standard cigarette lighter. The water container we recommend is a 7 gallon, which is good for several days of normal use. You can have this shower up and running in a few minutes. Continue reading

25th Anniversary

Action Kiteboarding is Celebrating its 25th Anniversary. We are having a sale on 25% Off Sale on Kite, Surf, and SUP  Lessons, and fantastic  discounts on most of the gear on our Online Store. Get yourself an “Anniversary present” in the form of a Kite, Foil, Board, Wing, Lesson, and more.  Aloha and Happy Anniversary.

New IKO Kiteboarder App and vCard

New IKO Phone App and Kiteboarder vCard

Each registered IKO member has their own vCard on their App.
To access the vCard, the student/kiter has to download the IKO App on their phone, sign in to the app with their IKO account (same as on the website) and click on the vCard button to show their current certification.

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Foilboard Friday – Foil Sale

Welcome to our first Foilboard Friday Sale. We have many great deals on new and used Foilgear.  We have dropped our prices for this sale on most of our used and demo gear. These prices are too good to last. Locals can come and pick it up, and mainlanders can drop a line and get some discounted shipping, in some cases its even free. New stock is coming so we need to clear the decks and make room for it all. Now is the time to pull the trigger on that Foil setup you have been secretly desiring. Don’t wait to get into this great sport, the best time to start is right now!! If you are not sure what you need or don’t see what you want, then tell us and we can help guide you to the right Foilboard.

SALE PRICE –  Some Highlights

FlyFoil Surf Foil Set (demo) $300 Off. GoFoil kite Foil Set (used) $400 Off. 2014 Lift Kite Foil Set $650 Off. LF Happy Foil Board & Foil complete $575 off.  Naish 2018 Hover 130 and Thrust Foil complete $400 Off. And Much More.

For details go to our Online Store

Maui Weather Blog Today

** These predictions are for the generalized (Trade wind) airflow across the state, and localized mechanical wind effects (trees etc), and intermittent variables (rain/venturi/clouds/etc.) also need to be considered.Continue reading

Kite Trips Maui

Discover the exciting world of Maui kiteboarding:  We host Kite trips to Maui for all levels of Kiters and non-kiting family members. If you want to Kite everyday in great conditions, or mix Kiting with some sightseeing and cultural activities we have a plan to suit you. Each Kite Trip is customized to your needs and budget. We can arrange everything so you can relax and enjoy the experience. Continue reading


Weather Map

For information on “How to Read a Weather Map” click here.

 See our Maui Wind Report Page. See our Surf Report page.


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