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Action Sports Maui, is Maui’s original Kite School and full service kiteboarding center. We combine tradition and experience with the latest technology. Our lessons cater to every level of rider from beginner to advanced. Our mission is to get you kiteboarding confidently &  safely in the shortest amount of time possible and make the learning process fun. Students receive quality Kiteboarding Lessons exclusively from IKO certified Instructors.  Our school is located at the world famous “Kite Beach Maui” which offers great weather conditions year round. The reliable trade winds blow consistently, providing the most kitable days and the island’s geography naturally funnels the wind to concentrate its direction and strength. Our lessons are located right at Kite Beach, and our students have access to our exclusive facilities.

Our regular programs include: Kiteboarding Intro Class, Discover Kiteboarding Class, Kiteboarding Shared Group Class, Kiteboarding Short Course 3day, Kiteboarding 5-day Course, Kiteboarding 10-day Course, Advanced 10-day Course, Kiteboarding for Kids, Kiteboarding Private training, Assistant Instructor Course, Kiteboarding Instructor Course, Medic First-Aid Course, Women’s kiteboarding Clinics, Guide & caddy service.

Our friendly International Kiteboarding Organization IKO certified kiteboarding instructors will focus on your individual needs, to make your learning experience safe and rewarding.  Choosing a genuine Affiliated IKO Center like Action Sports Maui guarantees that you will be taught according to the International Kiteboarding Organization’s high safety standards & techniques. Action Sports is Maui’s premier IKO Affiliated Center, School ID#372. We only use 100 percent IKO Certified instructors. Feel free to verify our status at the IKO’s official website. We guarantee that you will only receive the very best instruction.

Kiteboarder Education: Since the beginning our roots have been in instruction and ocean sports education. Action Sports was a pioneer in the beginning of kiteboarding and was the birthplace of the first kite teaching systems. Ever since the sport’s beginning kiteboarders of all levels come to Action Sports Maui to receive instruction and be trained and certified with the latest methods. Education is the key to making these sports safe and accessible.

IKO Kiteboarding Certification: Action Sports Maui is home to the International Kiteboarding Organization’s teaching standard, and is an official IKO Affiliated Center member of the prestigious IKO School Network (ID# 372). The I.K.O. system is the worlds biggest kiteboarding community and most widely accepted certification for kiteboarding Instruction. IKO covers all levels of kiteboarding.

Our Owner: Our school is owned and operated by David Dorn, who is the top level certified IKO instructor trainer/examiner, and training master. David has recently been the Training Director of the IKO organization, and is a Certified Master Kiteboarding Instructor who now responsible for kiteboarding instructor and examiner training and Certification worldwide.

Our Instructor Team: Our team includes; dedicated, qualified, certified, instructors and trainers, who utilize the safest teaching procedures, and are Certified by the industry’s most respected Training System, the IKO. Each Action Sports Instructor receives ongoing training to help them maintain the highest standards.

Your Lessons: In your lessons the emphasis is on safety, hands-on experience and just the right amount of technical information. Every kiteboarding student receives an official IKO Kiteboarder Certification Card.

IKO Kiteboarder CardThe IKO International Kiteboarding Organization, is a kiteboarding training & certification system that has a worldwide recognized network of affiliated kiteboarding schools. IKO is the worlds largest kiteboarding community. With your IKO card you can continue your training in any one of the certified schools, & rent equipment appropriate to your level. Access to Free Online training & other benefits.
Get IKO Certified.The Core skill set taught to beginners has the essential safety elements which are needed for more advanced levels of riding. With the emphasis on kite control, the students gain more confidence and learn faster. Safety and retention has been improved and as a result the sport is becoming more accessible than ever. That is why you are now seeing more women and children entering the sport. NB: Lessons are a must.
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