10 Tips For kiting at Kitebeach Maui

Aloha and Welcome to Kite Beach Maui, This beach is famous around the world as a key kiteboarding destination for good reasons. Firstly it has lots of wind thanks to the island geography. And Second because it has warm water year round. Kite beach offers a range of conditions in different areas so you should get to know the different areas so you can find the best place for your ride level and ride style.

Here are the Top Ten Tips for Kiting at Kite Beach Maui:

1) No kiting before 11am: This is a rule, get to know all the rules before you go out.

2) Water Depth: The water is too deep too stand and too shallow to fall headfirst. Never dive head first or you will hit rocks or reef. You may even want to wear booties to save your feet.

3) Narrow Beaches: The beaches are narrow, do not try to fly on the beach, once you launch get away from land asap. Don’t hang out on the beach with your kite in the air. We also don’t walk upwind with the kite in the air because of the narrow beach and gusty winds we don’t want to walk upwind with the kite flying. This is too risky for the rider and the kite. Many kites end up in trees or rocks this way. Don’t overfly the beach or you will crash your kite into trees.

4) Wind is gusty on shore, because of the rocks and trees on the beach, the wind is gusty on the beach, it doesn’t get smooth until you are offshore. So “keep your kite Low and Go”,

5) Kite beach people are not unfriendly, just cautious:

Some people say that kitebeach locals are not friendly because they wont offer to launch their kites. But this is not true. If you ask any local kiter that will usually help you, unless you are about to do something stupid. Don’t ask a local to launch your 13 meter kite when it is blowing 30 mph, because you are About to do something stupid and dangerous, and they don’t want to be an accessory to that.

6) Getting Local Advice: many people forget to ask the locals about the conditions. Always ask the locals, maybe a few of them. Local knowledge is vital for successfully negotiating Maui’s local conditions. If you get advice follow it, don’t just ignore it and do the opposite.

7) If in doubt, don’t go out: This is true for all water sports on Maui. If you are not positive you have the gear and skills  for a successful session, then don’t go out. Stop and wait for better conditions or get some assistance. If you make the mistake of launching unprepared, then you will suffer the consequences. And you might take out a few other bystanders in the process.

8) Get a Lesson: Everyone can benefit from a lesson, lessons for all levels are available. Any kiter from out of town should get at least one orientation session or hire an instructor as a guide for their first time out. This is an investment in your personal safety, and it will save you from many potential problems.

9) Stay Close to Shore: Stay where people can see you. Do not ride way offshore because you chances of surviving a mishap are greatly reduced. The best area to ride is not in the deep blue water. It is in the inshore area between the reef line and the shoreline. Do not ride too close to the beach either, stay out 200 feet from shore whilst riding.

10) Ride with Aloha: this means have fun, be aware of your surroundings, other people, and respect them and their needs too. When kiting in Maui you are a guest of the local community and the environment. Be a good and gracious house guest. Remember that we share the beaches and water with fishermen, families, swimmers, picnic goers, and wildlife. Have respect and kite with aloha.


Have fun and ride with Aloha,