Maui’s Original Kiteboarding Center Since 1996

Action Kiteboarding has been teaching kiteboarding lessons since the beginning of the sport. Every year we get better equipment and improved instruction methods. Read our Beginner Kiteboarding page.

Your first experience Kiteboarding is the most important day in your kiteboarding career. So we guarantee you will receive a safe, fun, and empowering experience. Learn about our Discover kiteboarding program..

Kite skills training can begin on land with user-friendly trainer kites, so you can develop all your basic steering skills and develop great reflexes. We call this “ground school”. Learn about the Kiteboarder progression…

Maui has reliable trade winds, and our valley creates a natural wind-tunnel effect, making ideal conditions for wind sports. The local wind effects in each spot suit various activities. Check out our Maui Wind Report Page…

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